Kernal Values

Funday International English School's core curriculum structure specializes in a small class system, with classes that cultivate learning with an equal emphasis on interaction, implementation and language narration. Our classes are based on the Content and Language Integrated Learning method (CLIL), which serves as our theoretical foundation. This foundation is supplemented by immersive language learning methods as well as our unique teaching strategy. We use English as the main language of instruction in order to increase students' overall exposure to an all English environment. The aim is to accelerate and deepen the effectiveness of the class as a whole. Compared with the shackles of traditional tuition and test-oriented based educational structures, Funday International English School is committed to cultivating our students' ability to actively seek knowledge and explore the world. Combined with the Common Core State Standards Initiative of the United States, children can live in Taiwan, while integrating in advance into a foreign learning environment through Funday.

Why Us? Why pick Funday?

Our school is also a part of Funday's online English business group and has inherited more than ten years of teaching experience in the industry. We aim to combine and utilize this educational experience through our international school. Our service doesn't only extend from online to offline, we span various age groups as well; from adults to school-age teenagers, from from parents to children.

What parents value most is their children's education and future. Funday International English School has created a purely American educational environment which guides students into having English discussions naturally via small class teaching. Our interactive learning method can allso help students begin both learning and solving problems in English. This lays down the foundation to continue strengthening their language ability and adaptability, especially for students planning to study abroad. We can be the first step in their development in becoming top international prospects in academia and beyond.The syllabus of Funday International English School is completely based on the current education system in the United States. Although the new syllabus for 2019 (in Taiwan) requires middle schools to be prepared to provide a bilingual educational environment, the lack of qualified teachers and an uneven distribution of resources have resulted in only a minority of children able to receive this bilingual education. Not only is it difficult to get into bilingual schools, they have become over-crowded. As such, the attention and guidance that children receive in them is inevitably uneven. Through the establishment of the Funday International School, we hope to break down the barriers of learning, making an all-English educational environment universal. We aim to compliment the strengths of an English education with the strengths of being in a Taiwanese environment.

In addition, Funday International English School also cooperates with a number of agencies devoted to studying abroad, helping to pave the last mile for students who have completed their three-year study course. We will guide students toward completing their academic goals of attending local public and/or private high schools or even getting into prestigious universities and Ivy League schools such as Harvard, as early as possible.